On-Demand Webinar: Building and running interactive Spark Data Pipelines

Whether you are an existing Hadoop user experimenting with Apache Spark, or you are focused on Spark standalone, you are probably looking to use this emerging technology for acquiring data and building a pipeline for your application. Join Terence Yim, Software Engineer at Cask, in this on-demand webinar and learn how to get the most out of your Spark environment. Demonstrating the latest product enhancements in Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP), Terence will explain how to interactively

  • create production-ready data pipelines using business logic written in Spark,
  • quickly re-use existing Spark jobs for new applications,
  • easily scale your Spark application from prototype to production

Watch this technical presentation and learn how CDAP can help you easily build, deploy, and run Spark applications by providing the level of security, governance, logs and failure handling that most companies require for production Spark environments.

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