Welcome to the new Cask Webinar Series titled: “Moving Big Data Forward with Cask”. In this 4 part 45 minute webinar series you will learn how to take advantage of the latest innovations in big data integration technologies to accelerate time to value from your big data initiatives.

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Part 1 (On-Demand): Prepare your Data with Code-free Data Transformations on Spark. Learn about CDAP Data Prep Framework, and how its capabilities simplify building and operationalizing the onboarding of new data sources on Spark. Join this on-demand webinar

Part 2 (On-Demand): Rule Books for Apache Spark. Learn how Cask’s Distributed Rules Engine and its capabilities allow building operational data lakes on Spark without having to write any code. Join this on-demand webinar

Part 3 (On-Demand): Beyond the Data Lake: Microservices for IoT. Learn about Cask’s new Microservices Framework and understand the challenges it helps solve as well as the capabilities it provides for building loosely connected data processing services for IoT. Join this on-demand webinar


Part 4: Operationalizing Data Science Capabilities with Cask. Learn how to build analytics machine learning pipelines and take advantage of a new Model Management and Distribution Service built on top of CDAP to track, store, visualize and distribute machine learning models efficiently. Join us for this live webinar on October 31 at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET.

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