On-Demand Webinar: Building a large-scale data lake at Thomson Reuters

In this on-demand webinar hosted by Cask and Thomson Reuters, we will discuss how the world's most trusted data, information and news organization has been driving innovation, replacing existing content silos with a large-scale data lake built on Hadoop. A variety of topics will be touched upon, including how Cask has helped Thomson Reuters speed up their team's learning curve when working with Hadoop and Spark.


Join the three panelists - Vsu Subramanian, Vice President of Platform Engineering at Thomson Reuters, Sandy Martin, Senior Director of Enterprise Content Platform Engineering at Thomson Reuters, and Nitin Motgi, co-founder and CTO at Cask - for this on-demand webinar, and discover.

  • How to shorten the big data learning curve from months to weeks
  • How to cut the time to develop and scale Hadoop & Spark applications by a factor of five
  • How to create reusable and portable building blocks that can be shared across other big data teams in a large enterprise

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