On-Demand Webinar: EDW Optimization - Rapid Time to Value with CDAP, CDH and Apache Kudu

In this demo-rich on-demand webinar, Nitin Motgi, Cask CTO and co-founder, discusses and demonstrates how to use the latest version of CDAP, CDAP 4.1, to easily perform workload and data offloading from a Netezza data warehouse to a Cloudera CDH cluster.

In his first demo, Nitin shows how the combination of CDAP, CDH, Apache Kudu and Impala allows to build code-free, scalable, and enterprise-grade pipelines for delivering an easy-to-use and efficient Netezza offload solution. In the second demo, Nitin shows how interactive data preparation, data pipeline operationalization, and fast querying capabilities over voluminous data help unlock new use-cases and drive value from data.

Cloudera is a trademark or registered trademark of Cloudera, Inc. Netezza is a trademark or registered trademark of IBM Corporation. Apache Kudu is a trademark or registered trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

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