On-Demand Webinar: Building an ECA Rules Engine for IoT 

Many Internet of Things (IoT) use cases are based on Event-Condition-Action (ECA) rules, where actions are triggered by events under specific conditions. In this webinar, Bhooshan Mogal, Product Manager at Cask, talks about the fundamentals of an Apache Hadoop-based ECA framework. This framework allows for continuous ingestion of any kind of data and contains a dynamic, distributable rules engine that can apply rules upon incoming data in real-time. Users can then take pluggable actions upon applying those rules.

Bhooshan demonstrates Cask’s solution, powered by Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP), which leverages Spark Streaming as a real-time engine and offers REST API’s for easy building of custom applications. The demo demonstrates how to send events into the system, create rules easily and code-free, execute rules, and send notifications.

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