Building Reliable, Code-Free Data Pipelines with Apache Spark

December 7, 2017 - 11am PT / 2pm ET

Apache Spark provides a powerful environment for data scientists and data engineers to acquire data and build data pipelines for their analytical use cases and applications. Join Nitin Motgi, Cask CTO and co-founder, in this live webinar and learn how to quickly and easily build and deploy reliable, production-ready data pipelines using Spark. Demonstrating the latest product enhancements in Cask Data Application Platform (CDAP), Nitin will explain how to

  • Efficiently perform code-free data transformations and quality checks while onboarding new data sources,
  • Interactively build and manage reliable data pipelines with Spark,
  • Reuse existing Spark logic in interactive workflows, along with Spark jobs written in Python, and
  • Easily deploy, manage, secure and govern Spark analytics applications

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